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Commercial Roofing Services

To safeguard your investment and extend the life of your property, it pays to have a specialized partner you can trust to manage your roof. With RDM Consultants, you have just that. Learn More » 

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Roofing Services

A more cost-effective way to manage your roof

Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Managing a roof insurance claim typically involves several complicated, time-consuming tasks. RDM helps you navigate the process quickly and avoid unexpected costs. Learn More »


Claim Assistance

Let us simplify the claims process for you

Professional Services for Commercial Roofing Contractors 

From moisture scanning and defect negotiation to cloud-based roof data management, RDM gives you the resources and expertise you need, wherever you need them. Learn More »


Contractor Services

Stay on top of your workload and ahead of the competition

Welcome to RDM Consultants, Inc.

A Commercial Roofing Company

RDM Consultants is a leading provider of roof repair and management. With offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, we offer services similar to a typical commercial roofing company, but we're also able to give our clients unbiased recommendations as a third party consultant and services broker.

We deliver tangible value - and cost-savings - by matching the right roofing contractor and manufacturer to each job, securing the best bids through volume discounting and project bundling, lending forward-thinking expertise via our cloud-based Roof Data Management, and assuring dedicated customer service at every step.

With RDM Consultants acting not just as a traditional commercial roofing company but also as a specialized member of your team, you can be assured that you're making the best decisions when it comes to roof repair and maintenance.

Why use us instead of your roofer?

  • Get multiple bids fast
  • Single point of contact from estimate/budget to project completion and ongoing maintenance
  • Take advantage of our purchasing power via our volume discounting and bundling of projects together
  • Easily manage all roofing activities for a single building up to a national network of facilities via our cloud based Roof Data Management software application
  • We pre-qualify all contractors in our network with the largest roofing material manufacturers


How Can We Help You?

To learn more about what we do, read about our services here; if you're ready to get started or have questions,give us a call at 877-346-0994 or just fill out the contact form below for a free consultation.      

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