Roof Data Management 

RDM's cloud-based roof data management software allows our team to record everything about your roof and provide accurate data to effectively manage your assets. 

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

RDM compiles roof data and provides you with an intuitive, graphic-based measurement system. With the information in hand, we work with your team to design a management system to maintain and prolong your existing roofs, then budget for long term capital investments for your roofing projects.

Roof history tracking

We record every event on the roof - from the manufacturer's warranty to any repairs made to the roof. Our roof history also includes repairs to any associated mechanical equipment, required preventative maintenance photos, and reporting needed for your manufacturer's warranty to remain in good standing.

Service management

Every building owner encounters a roof leak at some point. With RDM, we've made the process for handling leaks easy and measureable. 

  • First, log on to your account, select the roof plan, point to the leak, and click report leak. 
  • At this point, we send out a crew to service the leak. The crew has the entire history and data of the roof on their tablet computer. They find the issue, take photos, and give a cost estimate - all of which is immediately uploaded to your online portal for approval. 
  • Once uploaded, you approve the repairs while the crew is still onsite - either within your login page or in person via electronic signature. The crew documents the repairs via their tablet and all information is added to the RDM history.

Project management and scheduling 

During reroofing or extensive service projects, timing and scheduling is critical. With RDM, work locations are scheduled as far out as needed with a graphical interface showing the roof plan and projects are tracked for quality control with photos, construction details, and descriptions. All roof updates occur in real time via the project manager's tablet computer. The data can be reviewed immediately by anyone on the client's online portal with the login credentials. 

To start taking advantage of our roof design management solution, just fill out the contact form to the right or call 877-708-5550  to get started.

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